Property Owners

Have some open space in your office building? Tired of waiting for a 5-year lease to walk in the door?

The Launch business model allows you to earn revenue from day one.

We provide you with all the tools necessary to operate your own location, anywhere in the country. Our focus is in second-tier cities and towns, away from the ultra high-end, expensive office share locations.

Our clientele is typically made up of remote workers, start up businesses, individual business owners and parents who need a productive workplace outside their homes. Our clients are month-to-month but typically stay with us a minimum of 18-24 months.

We started Launch three years ago and now have two locations with more than 50 clients.

If you provide the space, we'll start and operate your own Launch CoWorking space. This includes:

  • completely developed website
  • subtenant lease agreements
  • proven marketing plan
  • furniture and equipment needs
  • advice on fiber networking and wifi
  • amenities
  • pricing schedules
  • logos and artwork
  • security and operational plans
  • insurance needs
  • accounting tools
  • legal requirements
  • phone based support
  • sound masking solutions
  • and so much more!

Call us today at 781.222.8221 or email

We can work with property owners across North America.